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5 Tips To Color Code Your Way From Computer Chaos To Coherence

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009
Color is just like a Porsche--There Is No Substitute In anatomical illustrations you see the brain's large visual system, where the optic nerve is actually 25 times faster than our audio nerves (hearing). No matter which processing style you depend on, 90 percent of the sensory perceptions received by your brain are visual. This is undoubtedly why color-coding works even for Auditory and Kinesthetic Learners. Color-Coding Your Calendar Custom color-coding each entry is one of the biggest improvements Read The Post [...]

Replacing your video card

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009
Has your computer's video card died or do you just want to upgrade it to a newer, faster card? well, if you are lost when it comes to the inside of a computer, then here is an easy step by step installation guide just for you! 1. First things first. Determine whether you are going to use an AGP or PCI card. PCI slots are the most common in the PC now, and most newer computers have one AGP slot on the motherboard, which has a locking hinge on it, while the PCI slot(s) are usually brown and all Read The Post [...]

Clearing the browser cache

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009
I dare you to look in your browsers cache of saved files. You might be surprised at seeing many megabytes of files wasting space. Not only that, but tracking cookies, ad ware and malicious files may be sitting there sending your info to someone else. You can be proactive in clearing out all this junk tho, and one of the things to do is to clear your browsers cache. Of course there are programs that can do this for you, but in the meantime I have included some tips for clearing out several of Read The Post [...]