Electronic Advancement Through Time

During the early times, scientists were able to invent beneficial machines for the improvement of life. Early inventions like the light bulb of Humphry Davy appeared since the 1800’s. These inventions were the basis for developing electronics as the years went by. People before were manual workers. They used objects like stones and wood to build infrastructures. They were at high risk of illness and exhaustion. Labor was too complicated that resulted man to experiment and acquire knowledge in machine development. An individuals’ curiosity will allow him/her to experiment and devise methods to produce or develop electronic devices. Simple machines of the early times were remodeled to be more advance. The birth of electronic devices allowed modernization. The work of man is more effective and fast because electronics are used as a medium for aiding people in their tasks.

Electronics is the combined result of electricity and technology. Without the application and discovery of electricity, electronics would not have existed. The world is surrounded with electronics. Laborious tasks of employees working in the factories are diminished because of electronic devices. Another example of electronic advancement is the invention of computers. It allowed people from different parts of the world to communicate through an Internet connection. Internet connectivity was developed because of computers. Computers before were only used for computing and basic programming tasks. Developers found a way to incorporate electronics in connecting people through the Internet. Staying connected is hassle free through messengers and networking sites. Software for daily tasks and businesses were also developed for people to easily manage in the computer.

One significant contribution of electronics is the creation of mobile phones. Nowadays, mobile phones are enhanced with high technology. Services in mobile phones are the result of electronic science.If one owns a cellphone, then communicating is never impossible. You can call and text immediately anytime, anywhere.The development of television has contributed to the entertainment world even if media has caused some disadvantages in the society. Cars, ships, trains, and airplanes made transportation speedy and accessible whether you’ll travel on land, sea, or air.

The advancement of electronics has a significant impact in people’s lives. It did not only change the life of man, but it made people aware about worldwide news and events. The world of electronics is constantly developing through time. Tape cassettes developed into Cd’s (Compact Discs) and DVDs (Digital Versatile Discs). Big computers and cell phones that weren’t multifunctional before were innovated to be smaller and lighter like the laptops and smart phones. Flying cars might soon appear in the near future. Robots might replace humans when working.

As electronics continue to advance, there is more in technology to expect. The world might become better due to the technological advancement of electronics, but the environment is at great danger. Trees and animal habitat are harmed because of pollution and constructed buildings caused by modernization. Flooding occurs because of forest deforestation. Developers must consider that electronic devices should be Eco-friendly. Environmental issues must not be disregarded with innovation.

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