New Build Teaser

The parts have been ordered for my new home computer. The order process was completed during the night Friday/Saturday so the components will be shipped tomorrow. It will probably be Thursday when I see them since I was a bit tardy in placing the order.

I have been itching for a new box since spring when I put together a new SAC rig. I was amazed by the speed of the new computer. I used my first SSD in that build and have upgraded everything I own to an SSD since that experience.

The current computer is a core2duo and was very nice when it was built. It still works well and serves my current needs well. It works so well that it was hard to justify the new build. The thing that tipped the scales in favor of the new build was a remarkable sale on a software that I have wanted. It has been updated and the newer version makes use of features found in newer hardware.

Because budget is not unlimited I will be upgrading one of my older boxes and using my current monitor. I may go for the accessory items later, but I am watching my pennies this month. The current computer will probably become a guest box here at the house.

I will write up the build in an article on the main site and will probably review the software on my software site

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