The Excitement Builds

The order for the parts for the new build was placed over the weekend. Because of the timing on the order nothing was shipped until yesterday (Monday). Either there are still shades of the old UPS or the flavor of the shipping use are producing service from UPS that I have not seen in a long time. Shipping was split between three NewEgg facilities. The major part of the shipment came from the home warehouse in California and arrived in Orlando, FL this afternoon. One small box was shipped from the Nashville area facility and also hit Orlando this afternoon. The last (and heaviest) box was shipped from the Atlanta, GA area facility and is listed as enroute from Jacksonville to Daytona.

Two of these shipments are listed for early delivery tomorrow (instead of Thursday) and the box from Atlanta is also scheduled for delivery tomorrow, apparently business as usual. I have not seen UPS deliver before the appointed day in quite some time. In recent years those two packages that hit Orlando this afternoon would have cluttered up the local warehouse for a day waiting for an on time delivery.

UPS built its reputation by building the most efficient package handling and delivery service the world had ever seen. Then they introduced multiple levels of service and began to charge extra for the same levels of service we had previously enjoyed. They have carried that to the point of holding packages for up to a couple of days in a near by warehouse so that the package would not be delivered before the promised date. I hope this experience signals a return to the service oriented company that we all grew to love.

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