My Data Migration Experiences Article Posted on the Main Site

June 18th, 2014

This seems to be habit forming. Three days and three new articles on the Main Site. This one tells about my experiences in migrating data from drive to drive. When you upgrade a system drive you want your OS and data on the new drive. I am now almost an expert at data migration.

New Article – Is It Time for an SSD?

June 17th, 2014
I have been using solid state drives in my new builds and upgrading my other systems with SSDs for the boot drive. I have just uploaded an article on the main I Built My Computer site listing the advantages and disadvantages of the current state of the art. The direct link to the new article is: http://ibuiltmycomputer/ssdtime.php Read The Post [...]

SSD Upgrade Article on Main Site

June 16th, 2014

I have just uploaded an article on upgrading an Acer Aspire One netbook with a Samsung 840EVO 120Gb SSD. If you have not visited the main site please consider taking a look. The new article can be found here:

The New Mac Pro

March 30th, 2014
What looks like a cross between the Star Wars robot R2D2 and a futuristic vacuum cleaner? The new Mac Pro, that's what! You can forget the oblong metal box that set the standard for the traditional desktop computer. The new Mac Pro is an innovative piece of design with a cylindrical aluminium case, measuring just 6.6 inches x 9.9 inches, covering a triangular layout of boards arranged around a central heatsink. But the clean, tubular look is not just designed to look beautiful; there are practical Read The Post [...]

Get Into Desktop Computers With Some Solid Advice

March 5th, 2014
By Wendy Miller When you need to buy a new desktop computer, you may feel overwhelmed with all of the choices available to you. The fact is that a quick lesson in computer shopping is all you need to feel more confident. This article will take you through what you need to know. If you are going to be doing some upgrades to your desktop computer be sure to ground yourself before you begin working on your computer. A simple jolt of static electricity can be more than enough to fry your motherboard. Read The Post [...]

What is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)?

February 11th, 2014
Secure Socket Layer : It is the standard technology for creating an encrypted link between a web server and a browser that makes sure that the data passed between the web server and browser has remained private and protected It was developed and released by Netscape in 1996 as a technology for security management Read The Post [...]

How to Set Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player as Default Player?

January 16th, 2014
A new function called Auto Play has just been added to Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player, which means when you insert a disc into your Blu-ray drive, the player will automatically start and play Sure it will save you some time Read The Post [...]

Reject ” Streaking” , Four Trick for the Wireless Router “Encryption”

November 27th, 2013
These days , some people rub eat and drink as well as people rub rub network Home broadband to "snail" pace, sometimes really is not broadband is not to force , but by " rub network " was Read The Post [...]

Exciting Technologies That Will Change the Way We Live in the Next 10 Years

August 22nd, 2013
Intel co-founder Gordon E Moore was the first man to observe a trend in computer processing power that has been proven true ever since the integrated circuit was first invented in 1958 Read The Post [...]

C-Photo Recovery

June 13th, 2013
Before, you used film for analog cameras to capture photos But technology brought about newer innovations that paved the way to using digital cameras, as well as the memory cards that came with it Read The Post [...]